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Chapter I - What Do I Do Now?

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Blake Hunter and His Mom, Janice on a Corpus Christi Beach
Meet Savage Queen Creations
Savage Queen Creations is the culmination of heartbreak, love, grief, joy, healing, rebirth, and creative thinking. My name is Blake and I am a filmmaker, a lifelong learner, music builder, and creative addict living in Erie, Colorado a small town outside Denver. At the end of the day though I've always been more comfortable call myself just a dreamer.
The Inspiration
 The name 'Savage Queen' was inspired by my Mom, Janice Lynne Shattuck. A brilliant, kind, and compassionate woman with an untamable and wild spirit. On August 9, 2016 at the young age of 55 she passed away, forever altering my life and my vision of a bright future working together. She was my creative equal and my best friend who always pushed me to spread my wings and to stay fearless. Together we embarked on a journey to create a feature film called 'Phantom Dawn' a scifi tale that incorporates the elements that left me in awe as a child and now as an adult. We worked night and day together building sets, writing music, talking about the wonders of life, and storytelling. The morning I lost her was the morning my world fell silent. Alone doesn't begin to describe what it felt like to lose the one person you've spent more time with then anyone else. With no one to turn to for comfort I turned to new forms of art. My iPad Pro and Apple Pencil went from my concept art device for the film to my canvas for sorting out and expressing my emotions. All the work created in my shop was created on the nights I couldn't sleep and the days I couldn't leave my room. As time went on I could find joy in the fact that I created so much while thinking of her and what better way to continue to honor her then by creating a shop full of the pieces she inspired. 

Completing 'Phantom Dawn' continues to be my Mom and I's dream and I have an unstoppable determination to finish what we started. In fact all the profits from 'Savage Queen Creations' goes directly towards costumes, props, and other production costs on this journey. 

Every item in the store was created with love and devotion and I plan to continue to create more outside the movie as time moves forward. 

Thank you for taking the time to visit my shop and thank you for taking home a piece of my Mom's legacy and supporting our dreams!

With Love and Dedication,


The Journey of Arsenal by Blake Hunter